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 Team rules.

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Team rules. Empty
PostSubject: Team rules.   Team rules. Icon_minitimeThu 28 Jul - 17:45

  • Team's way of thinking :

.wS isn't a classic instagib clan ; we are the only team who recruit movers. We don't care about aim skill, only moves are important for us.
Otherwise, we won't forget the meaning of Warsow (Warsow is Art Of Respect and Sportmanship Over the Web) ; concidering theses, there is a few rules we want our members respect, Ingame and on the forum :
    - Never camp ! - Keep movin' ;
    - Never flame ! - Keep cool ;
    - Avoid explicit contents/racism/harassement/violence on the forum (as in game).

Those rules are more important. You probably didn't read the terms of service and I won't re-write them, so those would be enough for the moment. Try to be mature, that's the most important.

  • How-to-use the forum :

This forum is split in a few categories, with a little description under them. I don't think you need a dozen lines describing them. Your brain could be a little use here. Anyway, if you get wrong, moderators are here to fix things up (and kick your ass).
Of course, you must have respect to moderators and admins, and what they say. Remember they're not here to blame you, they have nothing personal, they just do their job. If they say you something that's probably right and usefull.

  • In-Game :

In Game, as on the forum, members of .wS are representents of the team. Try to avoid reprehensive behavior such as flaming, faking, or harsh language. Remember any action you make can bring shame on your team (or pride, obviously, so make the good choice).

The tag you should wear as much as possible looks like that : #NickN.ame!< for the nametag and : .wS for clantag, or, in warsow code :
/name ^4#Nic^7kN.ame^4!< ; clan ^7.^4w^7S
Obviously, no one who's not .wS on this forum should wear the tag in game, but there is no need to precise it, isn't it ?

  • Multi-claning :

.wS is an international moving insta clan. In this respect, you would probably never find a team like this one. That's a good point but also a bad one. If this communauty can't answer you every needings, there is no way we would chain you up. If you want double or triple clan, you can do it if, of course, you still alive in both teams :p

So, let's end up with those rules, and just remember : think twice anything you do here.
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Team rules.
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