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 How-to-apply manual

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• In-Game Recruitment.
  • Step 1 : A random people (let's call him Randy The Random Dude (Randy for short)) meet a tester In-Game. He asks him about the clan, the tester answers and finally Randy decides to try out his chance and get tested.
  • Step 2 : The tester and Randy get on a duel server, and the tm starts !
  • Step 3 : Two possibilities :
    • Randy is accepted.
      In that case, the tester asks him to sign up on the forum and write down a candidacy with mention [TESTED] in the topic's name ; and replies to this new topic to ensure he did effectively accept him.
    • Randy is refused.
      In that case, two other possibilities : 1. Randy gives up. 2. He keeps wanting to get in, and deserve to another try : indeed, he can post an application and get tested by another tester like a normal Forum Recruitment (further informations below).

• Forum Recruitment.

The Forum Recruitment is quiet simpler to understand than the In-Game One :
  • Step 1 : Randy (Randy The Random Dude ; still being the one who wants to get in) had the link of this forum from a non-tester member or any other way ; and write an application following the rulez.
  • Step 2 : The first tester who meets him tests him (of course Randy can hire a tester by a PM or so in order to meet him more quickly).
  • Step 3 : Three possibilities :
    • Randy is accepted.
      In that case, the tester just replies the scores or even only his approval, and Randy The Random Dude is accepted in the team.
    • Randy is refused.
      • Once (usual) : The tester judged Randy was too weak, and replies his no ; but Randy deserves another testmatch with another tester. But keep in mind that the more you get tested, the more we will be rude with you.
      • Definitively (rare) : The tester saw he was really too lame, too stupid or simply too noob to enter the clan ; and the doors are forever closed to Randy.

An application must follow the form below. When you fill it up, just think you might makes us want to test you, so try to be cool for us, and take your time ; you can't rewind feelings.

[list]Nickname :
Nationality :
Language(s) spoken :
Experience : (For exemple, since when do you play (warsow or other FPSs, do you think you move well, do you prefere moving or shooting ?)
Motivations : (Why do you want to join us ? Try to develop this part)
Other clans :
Why should we chose you : [/list]

Candidacies can be write in english (mainely) or any language, but a correct english is highly recommended to enter the team.
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How-to-apply manual
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