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 Some problems with .wS community.

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Some problems with .wS community. Empty
PostSubject: Some problems with .wS community.   Some problems with .wS community. Icon_minitimeTue 13 Mar - 7:01

Hello, .wS members !
I'm here today to make an announcement about some facts I heard of in-game. In fact, Funk told me that he was using a fakenick with .wS tag, and played with .wSes who didn't even talk to him !

So now I'm here to remind you than being part of a clan also means being part of a community ; and in this respect, it means interact with other members of this community, and protect it. If you see a faker, you can't leave him alone playing peacefully. At lease inform the server you're on his a faker.
And about non-interacting with other members, it just sounds impossible to me. At least, even if you're not confident with your English, salute them. That's the least you can do, and there is no point being in a clan you don't know anyone.

So I want you to be cool with other members, and even non-members. Remind that if someone is in .wS clan, he did a tm before, and he can not be a lamer or any kind of poor person, so you shall have no fear to speak to them.
We're not that numerous, so I would be glad if, at least, we were in a good touch with everyone here.

    That's all, folks !
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Some problems with .wS community. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Some problems with .wS community.   Some problems with .wS community. Icon_minitimeWed 14 Mar - 8:08

Everybody ! Catch him ! Hunt him ! Kill him ! ^^
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Some problems with .wS community.
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